We all know that fruits are healthy foods , but did you know that many of the shells of the fruits have a therapeutic amazing effect.

Peel watermelon : usually after eating a juicy watermelon we discard the shell.

In fact, the shell has a better effect than the same watermelon .

You can reduce the summer heat and quenching thirst .

The shell can also help reduce blood pressure.

You can use the watermelon rind to clean the face , as it softens your skin and remove impurities making .

You will feel very cool after cleaning with watermelon rind .

To treat anemia , sore throat , dry lips , or nephritis , add 230 grams ( 1/2 lb ) of pork and 230 grams ( 1/2 lb ) of watermelon rind in 4.5 liters ( 1 gallon ) of boiling water.

Cook for 1 hour on medium high .

Add salt and chopped green onions for flavor.

Drink while hot.

Peel melon : melon peel is used to treat the summer heat , remove moisture and is also used to tone the spleen in traditional Chinese medicine .

Your feet smell bad ? The melon rind can help .

Boil some melon rind for a while and use that water to soak your feet and get rid of foot odor .

Are you overweight ? A soup made with melon rind can help you lose 0.45 kg to 0.91 kg per week ( 1-2 lbs .) .

The recipe is the same as the watermelon rind soup , but instead used the melon rind .

Peel cucumber : Most people like to peel the cucumber shell when used in a salad.

Indeed, cucumber skin which contains caffeic acid combat bacteria and stimulates the white blood cells .

Eating cucumber with peel can reduce throat pain swallowing and can treat a sore throat .

It also has effects on beauty.

Most women use a slice of cucumber to cleanse the face or as a cover over eyes to refresh ( this cools the eye muscle ) after working hours at a computer , many beauty salons use it.

Banana peel : The banana peel helps fight bacteria.

In traditional Chinese medicine used to treat itching due to bacterial inflammation .

Also, rubbing their hands and feet with the banana peel can prevent and treat frostbite.

Apple peel : to remove phlegm from his body , cook 30 grams of fresh apple peel with water and drink it as a tea.

Grind the dried apple peel to powder and eat 15 grams , 2-3 times daily on an empty stomach .

It has a curative effect for chronic diarrhea .

It can also help reduce high blood pressure .

The pear peel : pear is the best food for the lungs.

Boil 30 grams of pear shell for a half hour or more , and drink the infusion.

To reduce coughing and remove phlegm.

Place some mashed pear peel on a boil , reduce swelling and pain.

Peel grapefruit : grapefruit peel is good for balancing energy, phlegm , cough suppression and to relieve asthma .

Mash a grapefruit peel , add a little honey and brown sugar , set it to steam for 30 minutes.

Then add a little warm wine ( yellow).

Take one tablespoon in the morning and one at night to treat chronic cough and asthma .

Cook 9 grams of grapefruit peel with water to expel phlegm , relieve symptoms of cough and relieve asthma.

Dried Orange Peel : dried orange peel can reduce blood pressure , expel phlegm , relieve cough , strengthens the spleen and eliminates depression.

It can also help digestion.

In traditional Chinese medicine used to treat thick phlegm , a chest congestion , cough , stomach disorders , vomiting , etc. .

Dried orange rind contains an ingredient that can expand the coronary area to prevent blockage of the circulation.

Add some fresh orange peel or dried in boiling water to make a tea .

This tea has a good smell , can stimulate the appetite and provide more vitality.

Soak 50 grams of dried orange peel in 500 grams of white wine for 7 days .

Take 5 grams a day to treat chronic diarrhea .

Lemon peel : you should know that in the lemon peel are many more vitamins in the juice.

Among the substances found beneficial health essential oil d- limonene, citronellal and fenaldreno , in addition to vitamin C , B complex and some minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Recently there have been studies on the use and benefits is in the lemon zest and has proven to be good for people with hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, as it helps to stimulate the circulation of blood in cases of people with diabetes , the lemon peel works to prevent artery-related complications .

It also prevents the formation of kidney stones and may even dissolve slowly.

Green mango peel : green mango peels dehydrated in the oven , placing them in a tray well spread at a temperature of 150 ° C , until toasted , without burning and without moisture.

Dry spray it , either by hand , roller or blender .

The powder obtained is stored in a tightly covered glass jar in a closet.

Indications : impotence, fertility , stimulating energy in general , anti stress, regulating hormonal functions , premenstrual tension , menopausal discomforts , helps fight stomach worms and parasites and controls hemorrhoids.

The powder mixed with sesame oil , it is good to massage the gums swollen and tender .

Dose: one cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon of this powder , cover the pot and let stand ten minutes, strained, sweetened to taste and take one or two cups a day , as the case

Papaya shell or milky : peel papaya ( papaya) is dehydrated with the same technique as that of the handle , as well as making separate seed .

The whole process is the same.

They can be eaten either dried or every time you prepare a milky juice , blender add for a bit of fresh milky shell and about three seeds of the same , to prevent and treat stomach parasites and anti-inflammatory in general, for their high in papain.

White potato shell : shells used large white potatoes ( which are used to make French fries) , well washed , cooked for five minutes in two large glasses of water , let it rest and take in the morning all this preparation , before lunch for 21 days , take a week off and repeat for 21 days . Do not sweeten .

Indications: natural detoxifying , diuretic, clean the gallbladder and kidney, containing amino acids, returns the flexibility and prevents veins tachycardia.

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