Perfectly replace cow's milk and its advantages are that vegetable milks are lactose, and fat (cholesterol) or animal protein.

Dairy milks have started to become popular around the world, especially the growing number of people trying to eat nutritious foods, low-calorie and easy to digest to help them counteract the effects of modern life, in which stressful situations are common alternating with long periods of inactivity.

If you stopped drinking cow's milk because it causes allergies or digestive problems, the drinks made with seeds are magnificent food alternative that will provide important nutrients, great taste and versatility to prepare dishes.

Its use is the same as cow's milk, can be taken alone or sweetened, with coffee, cereals, other.

Moreover, these drinks, whose appearance and consistency reminiscent of traditional animal product that is usually obtained from the cow, also owe part of their growing reputation they are excellent choice for those following a vegetarian diet or have digestive disorders, without forgetting those who want to experience new flavors.

The truth is that no one has been disappointed by these derivatives of legumes (soy), nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) or cereals (rice, barley, oats), since taste is refreshing and, above all, for its high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and other substances is a factor that enhances mental activity, contributes to the functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems, and strengthens the body's defenses.

Advantages and benefits.

In the absence of lactose, milk plants intolerant people can drink them this milk sugar. Your body has trouble digesting and reacts causing various symptoms: pain, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence and vomiting.

They are also an alternative for people allergic to the proteins in cow's milk.

Another point in favor of vegetable milk is that its components are easily assimilated by people with difficult digestion.

The reason is simple: several studies have shown that lactose enzyme available to the human body to properly digest animal milk in their first years of life, reduces its production between year and a half to four years of age, the deficit may be one of the main causes of lactose intolerance and allergy, but also of indigestion during adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Dairy milks contain less fat and are healthier.

For example, the amount of fat soy milks, oats and almonds is similar to the semi skimmed cow. Rice milk equals that of skimmed cow's milk.

But the big advantage is its quality.

While more than half of the fat of dairy milk are saturated, the vegetables contain a fraction of these harmful lipids.

Most of the fats are polyunsaturated and cardiovascular health benefit.

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